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Bad food combinations, according to Ayurveda!

Bad food combinations, according to Ayurveda! In childhood, we’ve always heard our moms tell us not to drink milk after eating papaya and vice-versa. The child in me never questioned the why of it until recently when I read on Ayurveda’s take on some suitable and not so suitable food combinations. Types of Food Incompatibility: In Ayurveda, this is also termed as Viruddha Ahara, and some of these types are dependant on the following factors: Place – Also called as Desha Viruddha, this food incompatibility includes consuming potent substances like alcohol in deserts or oily and cold substance in marshy lands. Time – This is Kaal Viruddha when one intakes cold and dry food in winter and hot and pungent substance in summers. Dose specific – Intake of honey and ghee in equal amou

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