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Why Is Deworming Important For Weight Loss ?

Why Is Deworming Important For Weight Loss ? We know that our Gut , also known as alimentary canal is responsible for digestion. Actually, our gut is much more than a digestion system, it controls our immunity system. We have more than 100 trillion living bacteria in our gut ! Maintaining probiotics i.e. good bacteria in our gut is very important for good health and weight loss(fat loss). A lot of studies reveal issues including obesity due to low probiotics or their imbalance in our gut. Below are some of the symptoms of imbalance in probiotics level in the gut РBloating Gastric issues Frequent headaches Constipation  or diarrhea Skin issues Urinary tract infections Insomnia An inability to lose weight Cravings for sugar/carbs Due to our lifestyle , majority of us lack in good p

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